We Slay Book Club November Pick

Rooms by Lauren Oliver 

I knew nothing about this book when my book club picked it and it worked in my favor. I was pleasantly surprised with the theme and plot of the story. Two protagonists are ghosts but their voices are very much grounded in reality. I could relate to each character, even the ones I didn't like at all. Every person was vulnerable and held nothing back when it was their turn to speak. I'm a bit disappointed at the lackluster ending. I wish it could have been drawn out a little more.


This was my first attempt at listening to an audio book, the voice actors they cast for each character was very nicely done, except for the narrator for the lone male character attempted a female voice, I found it eye-rolling-ly annoying.  I didn't know what to expect with a horror read, it was very subtle in its scariness. The ending was very anti climatic, but overall enjoyable. 



Yeah... this series made it to the wayside, we will continue later :(. 


Kelly Burden

Hi! I am a Children's Librarian in Baltimore, Maryland.