We Slay Book Club December Pick

Getting Even by Kayla Perrin 

Sadly, this book does not stand the test of time. Rereading the novel for my book club forced me to revoke my favorite status and take away 2 stars from my original rating. The characters were just a hot mess and I didn't like any of them that much. The only redeeming quality was the revenge plots on their trifling men. I found that part of the story entertaining. I kinda wish I had kept this book solely in my fond memories of it. Which is why I'm refusing to reread the second book. I obviously still like torturing myself though, discovering there's another
book in this series that I didn't know about and am planning on reading it. I never know when to quit.


This was not one of my favorites, I found the women very annoying. There were too dependent on their need for a man to determine their happiness. All the women seem to be stuck on stupid because of their lack of good-good or because of their good-good getting. I will say the sex scenes were ok, since this was billed as an erotic fiction novel.  The author put forth some slightly homophobic tendencies which turned me off. I am not sure if I care enough to finish the trilogy.


The Thirteenth: Vampire Huntress Legend by L.A. Banks 

We will return to the series at a later date. 

Kelly Burden

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