We Slay Book Club September Pick

All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely

Lately I've been dragging my feet with reading full length novels but I quickly tore through this book in just one day. And what a day it was. To read about Rashad's attack by a police officer from his POV made me uncomfortable, which I'm sure was the goal. You feel like you're right there with him, getting hit over and over again without a valid reason why. Then it immediately switches to a bystanders POV which is just as unsettling. This whole book is one huge sore that you can't help but pick at. I know that's a horrible simile but it's the only way I can describe it.

     Rashad and Quinn are the voices of this story, two kids that go to the same school but are worlds apart. One is assaulted to the point of having internal bleeding and the other struggles with what he saw and who he saw committing the attack. It such a captivating read from the very first page. The flow between the two authors never skipped a beat. It was clear that they have different writing styles but they never clashed, only meshed. The last chapters which was written in prose was the perfect ending to the story. These two characters finally connect and see that having your voice heard in a positive way can make a difference, even if it's only within yourself.

     I will definitely recommend this to anyone who's not afraid or wary to shy away from tough topics. All readers 10 and up should read this. It's real and it's completely relevant to the world we live in today.


The Cursed: Vampire Huntress Legend by L. A. Banks 

I am so behind on reading, I need to catch up. 


Kelly Burden

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