We Slay Book Club August Pick

Mr. Loverman by Bernadine Evaristo 

Mr. Loverman was a delightful read, the author took you on the journey of the life of Barrington Jedidiah Walker a.k.a Barry, a closeted senior citizen living in London. Evaristo did  a good job of creating charming well developed characters you could not help but love or be affectionately annoyed at. I rooted for him to find his way and stop lying to his poor wife Carmel, who just wanted to live her life in the most godly way possibly. There was no true villain in the novel which was a nice change, there wasn't much suspense and the book ended on a happy note with everybody finding their way and living happily with the best life they could. I would compare this book to a nice fall walk. 


So I had high hopes for this book. After book club, everyone sang praises for this novel. And...I liked it. Definitely didn't love it. To me, the only truly likable character was Morris. He was the shining beacon of hope throughout the whole story. Everyone else was just plain selfish. I did enjoy the back and forth POVs, though Carmel's was hard to focus on. And Barry's was overly detailed. But that's to be expected from a literary lover like he was. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a story where nothing really happens but has well developed characters.


The Wicked: vampire Huntress Legend by L. A. Banks

Banks had really outdone herself with this book. It's just all around amazing. The big baddie, the fight scenes, the ending. I literally cried during some scenes. And I have never cried while reading this series. I kinda almost wish the story ended here, on such a high note.

Damali and Carlos have their work cut out for them when Cain decides to leave the Land of Nod and go for his father's throne in Hell. All the stops have to be pulled to overcome his literal reign of terror. The council of kings, council of queens, other squads, and angels are brought in for the final battle. It was gut wretching. Some of the deaths scenes had me hollering. I had to put the book down in several occasions. 

Everything was just awesome, all of the elements came together for an amazing story. I wasn't even mad at the over detailed writing style or how long the book was. From the first page, I was hooked. The pacing finally felt natural. I now have high hopes for the rest of the series. My standards are at an all time high right now.



Kelly Burden

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