We Slay Book Club May Pick

Lessons from a Younger Lover by Zuri Day 

I had originally gave this book 4 stars but I'm knocking off one because this book is a tad bit ridiculous. I still loved the melodrama and characters but it's just too much. It makes me question whether I'll like other Zuri Day books as much as I used to. Either way, this was a fun romance read and I was more than happy to reread it for book club. I couldn't get a good image of Ransom in my head but I had no problems connecting with Gwen. She's a likable protagonist and I'm glad she got her happy ending.


This was a good romance, it went a little wonky toward the end, like the author wanted to wrap it up quickly, Overall cute story, pretty basic romance. 


The Bitte: Vampire huntress legend by l.a banks

I feel like these books go on for too long. There are so many unnecessary scenes and dialogue between characters. It has the awful effect of pulling me out of the book and losing my interest. But I still absolutely loved everything that went down in the Aussie's mansion. The tension was delicious. After that, the book lost me. I mostly skimmed so I'm confused on what actually happened at the end.



Kelly Burden

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