We Slay Book Club March Pick

Happily Ever After by Elizabeth Maxwell

Okay, that was awesome! I wasn't really sure what this book was about so I wasn't jumping at the chance to read it. I feel like that worked in my favor. The surprise fantasy quality of the novel really hooked me in. I was not expecting Sadie's characters to actually come to life. Everyone was expertly written and my only complaint was that this book was not longer. I wanted more Greta. Seriously, that housekeeper needs her own spin off. I have high hopes for Maxwell's next book. For a debut novel, this one was damn near perfect.


I will start by saying that the cover and the summary for this book was very misleading, this was a good decision by publishers. The cover and summary was very chick lit and I was here for it! 

Cover: woman concealed by bed, a bright blue tulle skirts with dainty legs sticking out over bed post, crossed at the ankle, that looks to be lazily swinging.

The summary read like: Mom trapped in Momlandia with frequent Target trips and a supply of stained t-shirts life is in a rut, but under the walking dry cleaning ad is a writer who cooks up sexy wicked erotic fiction for the masses. While on a Target run she comes across a man who seems troubled and who looks surprisingly like one of her sexy male characters. What's a girl to do but offer her assistance. ::wink::  You will be presently surprised by the turn of this novel. Maxwell writes full fledged characters, that you cannot help but love, even the ones you hate. She even through some subtle shade toward 50 shadesand I was like yes! I defintley look forward to her follow up. 



Kelly Burden

Hi! I am a Children's Librarian in Baltimore, Maryland.