We Slay Book Club December Pick

The Heiresses by Sara Shepard

Finally, this book became interesting to me. I just couldn't take it with waiting for the action to start. I hate slow beginnings and this was one of the worst. But once Poppy is killed, shit gets real quickly. All of a sudden you have every person in the story becoming a possible suspect as the murderer. Each heiress had their own drama that unknowingly tied all together to Poppy's death. I wish the author had shown that side of the story more than dealing with each girl separately. And that ending...Damn it, I really hate cliff hangers. Especially when there isn't even an upcoming date for the next novel of a new series. I was hoping to just have an ambiguous ending to a stand alone novel. Instead, I'm left with a waiting game. This next book better have more answers than questions. I don't want another PLL fiasco where the plot drags on and on and on.  


The Heiresses read like an adult version of her Young Adult series Pretty Little Liars, it is the story of uber rich cousins and dealing with their first world dramas. I mean that summary with love, I enjoy Shepard and her style of writing. The story had a slow start with an introduction to each Heiress, the story picked up once the golden girl Poppy was killed. It did keep me on my toes as to who killed her, the story ended in some good ol' over the top fashion that I cannot wait to see what happened in the next book. Luckily the series has been optioned for television and will be making it's way to Bravo at some point. I only wish that it will not drag on like PLL.




Kelly Burden

Hi! I am a Children's Librarian in Baltimore, Maryland.