We Slay Book Club February Picks

Ruby by Cynthia Bond

 Okay, I know it's bad that I won a free copy from Netgalley two years ago and never read it. So it must have been fate that kept this novel on my kindle when it should have been deleted years ago. It came up as a book club read and I was still excited to read it. I should have just kept this a fantasy read because I was completely disappointed in this story. The characters were complete victims which I hate to read about. Ephram and Ruby were so weak, it made me sick. Eprham started to show some promise when he went to Ruby's house and started to take care of her. I liked him for the most part after that. But Ruby is nonredeemable in my eyes. She's a selfish person who I had very little sympathy for. I know that might seem harsh with everything that happened to her but I just couldn't get in her corner. I was glad to be done reading about her long, depressing life and would now like to forget all about it. 


Pain, despair, sadness and more pain followed by small gleam of hope at the end.  That is my summary. The book was just too much for me, Ruby was put through life's wringer and hung up wet. The men in this book all except Ephram  were the devil. I feel like Bond was like I want to write a book with the emotional setting of Morrison's Bluest Eye, the treatment of women in Walker's Color Purple sprinkled with the  magical elements of Morrison's Beloved. She was successful in her endeavor. This book left me emotional drained, I think this will stick with me for awhile. 


I give this book an emotional rating of 1  and a written rating of 10. I thought the story was great but I was very disappointed in the townsfolk and their attitude toward Ruby. I realize that people down south are a little slow with the wooing but I wanted Ruby to have a hero that would f*** her so good she would come back with a clean heart. The so called hero, Ephram wasn't so bright at all . What could I say, I wanted a happy ending and I didn't get one. Now I am at peace. No part two or sequels from this author. 


The Awakening by L.A. Banks 

The dialogue is so damn distracting but I really like the story. I didn't like this book as much as the first one but it did wonderful things with progressing the story. I found myself overwhelmed with all the characters, which I still love. They just were kinda all over the place. Damali and Carlos are obviously the clear stars in this series. The tension and chemistry between them is glorious. I can't wait to see them seal the deal.


I love this series so much! It is progressing nicely, Carlos got to flex his master vamp powers a bit and I was here for it.  We also learned more about the seven levels a hell. Damali is in a bit of a pickle because Carlos is a vamp and she still trying to get herself together. i cannot wait for book 3.  This isn't my first Banks rodeo I actually love her vernacular. 




Kelly Burden

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