We Slay Book Club October Pick

The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Heidi W. Durrow 

I get the impression that the author was going for a Toni Morrison Beloved for the teenage soul vibe with this novel. The author had a very delicate lyrical way of writing the tragedies that occurred around the protagonist's  life and explained it from a child's perspective and voice very well. But other than that I did not find Rachel very interesting, she definitely was not the tragic mulatto character the author was going out of her way not to write. I feel that the side characters were more developed within the viewing of Rachel than Rachel herself. She was adrift throughout the entire novel, there was not much of a conclusion and I was not sure what emotion or feeling I was supposed to have at the end of the novel. I was left with confusion and and a feeling of meh. I think I would have enjoyed the novel more if it was written as a collection of short stories that allowed the author to explore the depth of each individual character and how they affected Rachel's life and  maybe through their eyes learned more about Rachel. 


The Darkness: Vampire Huntress Legend by L. A. Banks 

I am behind in series reading. 


Kelly Burden

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