We Slay Book Club August Pick

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

 So...this book was supposed to be amazing. I was supposed to be totally engaged in the story and couldn't figure out the twist and should have been sitting on the edge of my seat in suspense. Mostly I was just reading a slightly boring story. There were some good parts to it. I found each character disturbing and interesting. There is no hero in this story. Not one person is very likable but that's not what this novel is for. I figured out the twist about halfway through the book but I still loved the reveal and the aftermath. I guess I just wished for something with a bit more suspense.


I believe this book was hyped a little too much. There was not one likable character in this entire story. There was no one to root for, at all. The author did do a good job of portraying an addict and their many battles with their addiction.  Since it was compared to Gone Girl and the writing style of Gilliam Flynn, as I was reading I found myself noticing the ways it lacked in the Flynn style.  The one I mainly notice is that the main character was not only flawed but sad, very very sad and pathetic. Flynn's heroine's tend to be flawed but also smart, self aware  or at least witty to make up for the fucked up situation going on in their life.  I heard that this will be made into a movie too, let's hope the actors can make this work. 


Kelly Burden

Hi! I am a Children's Librarian in Baltimore, Maryland.