We Slay Book Club June Pick

Keeping Secrets by Penny Mickelbury

Book club reads make me nervous. It's a strange book that you haven't heard of or don't have any interest in reading. You're afraid it's going to be a dud and that you'll have wasted your time reading an awful book when you could have been reading something amazing. But then the opposite happens. Every once in a while, you get an amazing book. A book that will completely take up all of your free time until you finish it. That will force you to recommend it to any and every one that happens upon you. That makes you start reading yet another book series when you're already reading a million of them. That will take your attention away from things like work or sleeping. You'll be lucky to get a book like that.


This was my second time reading this book, since purchasing the entire Mimi  & Gianna series. It was a wonderfully quick read with nice pacing, I learned just enough about the characters to want to keep reading. Although the book was written in the mid 90's, you would think a lot of the material would seem dated but it did not and tackled the same issues that occur today. The chemistry between the main characters was a slow build that led to some hot action that I enjoyed. The story wrapped up nicely and renewed my interest in rereading the series.







Kelly Burden

Hi! I am a Children's Librarian in Baltimore, Maryland.