We Slay Book Club July Pick

One Night by Eric Jerome Dickey

The characters were tedious to deal with, the dialogue was unrealistic, and that reveal was completely lackluster. I couldn't relate or become interested in either character. The woman was so annoying, I couldn't deal with her. I was hoping that the chapters would alternate POVs but it stayed in her obnoxious voice over. The relationship with the male lead character was not believable at all. It wasn't even ridiculous but adorable like typical romance novels are. It was just bad, so bad. And what was up with that ending? That's why this guy is running all over town tense and edgy? It didn't feel like enough. The story ends abruptly in the worse way. I really wanted to like this book but I just couldn't.    


Well damn, Tracey!! LOL!! I am going to ramble a bit... This wasn't my favorite EJD read, as a Dickster or Dickey Nut or whatever his fans are called now this was a completely different read from him than what I am use to. Since I read the Author's Notes at the back ( I am that type of bookworm), I got what he was going for, a Before Sunrise kinda thing. It was cool... I love the banter between his characters, it occasionally reminds me of the fast talk of 30's and 40's screwball comedies. His female leads are strong but flawed and easily relatable, his male leads cool just as flawed and easily relatable. Needless to say EJD will give you some awesome sex scenes.  After reading his books I always come away with some form of knowledge, be it art, music or a new word to address my gluteus maximus, it is always good.  I always walk away feeling  like I had a good time. This time I did not have a good time, I felt like I was built up and then let down. You blew up my balloon tied it in a knot and then slowly pricked my with the smallest of pins and I deflated with a slow ssssssss. I think what really bothered my was the lack of a happy ending.  I am a EJD fan forever I just won't recommend this one, okay I probably will because even his least favorite to me is a good read to someone.




Kelly Burden

Hi! I am a Children's Librarian in Baltimore, Maryland.