We Slay Book Club November Pick

Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older 

To have my sights set so high for this book, I couldn't be anything but disappointed. The cover, the premise, the hype. It all spelled out an amazing young adult novel. And it was amazing. It just wasn't enough to live up to my expectations. I will say that the author got the strong female lead down pat. Sierra is everything I wanted in a heroine. She has her shit together and doesn't take anyone else's drama. I only wish this novel could have been more exciting. Despite the potential for added tension and fantasy, I feel like Older dropped the ball when it came to the actual mythology of Sierra's family. It just fell flat.


Please excuse me as I babble..... I am not feeling well 

This book had every thing that I love:  Black Girl Magic, POC Author, Diverse Characters, Speculative fiction and LGBT representation. I loved it The protag Sierra was an awesome representation of a strong confident fierce young women who could handle herself. The story premise was an awesome girl with supernatural roots fighting evil through the power of art. With that said, I feel that the book missed some prime opportunities to pump up the action and the ending felt slightly rushed. I am familiar with the author's adult work, The Bone Street Rumba Series. It is the goodness!  The covers for that series is BAE!! I cannot wait to read Kia's story, I wished Kia was my BFF in high school. I will read the continuation of the Shadowshapers series because DJO can write a good story and he will improve in the world of YA. 


Kelly Burden

Hi! I am a Children's Librarian in Baltimore, Maryland.